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  • 2017 Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience Alcohol Sampling Agreement

    This form must be completed by exhibitors sampling alcohol
  • The Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience will be held March 4-5, 2017 at Target Field. All alcohol exhibitors are required to review and sign this notice concerning sampling at the event.

    In compliance with our short-term liquor license and with policies and regulations established by the Target Field, DNC Sportservice, the city of Minneapolis, the state of Minnesota, and the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience, by signing this document you acknowledge and agree to the following:

    • Alcohol sampling at the show will be limited to the following amounts per serving:

      • 0.5 oz Spirits
      • 1.0 oz Wine
      • 2.0 oz Beer

      This applies to attendees and any personnel working at your booth. Booth is subject to closing if over-pouring is observed for guests or exhibitors.

    • No opened or unopened product may be handed out to attendees or exhibitors.

    Alcohol exhibitors will not be able to pour without a signed copy on file. Please note that the event will be monitored for compliance with the above. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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